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Liberal Bag Limits:
20 Light Geese per day / 60 Light Geese in possession
8 Dark Geese per day / 24 Dark Geese in possession
5 Sandhill Cranes per day / 15 Sandhill Cranes in possession
8 Ducks per day / 24 Ducks in possession


Reflecting back on the 2015 Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting season, we saw what was considered as “The Best” Saskatchewan duck hunting season seen in the last 30 years for the second year in a row. From the excellent water and spring nesting conditions in our area, to the number of overall ducks in the area throughout the entire hunting season, the biggest complaint by our hunters for another year in a row at camp this past fall was that the ducks were decoying in TOO CLOSE!!!

The Snow geese numbers this past fall were excellent again in our area from day one as well, however with the weather this past fall, the Snows were spread out in smaller flocks across our region until the end when they were ready to move out, making our daily  scouting missions of the utmost importance to assure our hunters had a successful morning’s hunt. The juvenile numbers were average this year and the overall numbers of Snow geese are still way up as well. As the fall progressed the flock sizes started to increase and the Snow goose hunting got better and better.

The Canada goose hunting was excellent again this year, as always. Although the greater Canadas were about 2 weeks late migrating into the area, once they were here the hunting for the Canada goose hunting was excellent through the rest of the season. The flock sizes for the dark geese also increased as the season went on the Canada goose hunting also got better as the season progressed.

The Saskatchewan upland bird hunting took a hit in the northern region with a lot of winter kill in the 2010 winter. However our southern region was unaffected for the most part. This past fall we were jumping 10 – 20 coveys per day right up until the last day of the season. As our northern region is in the rebuilding mode, we still have several high populated areas with Huns and Sharpies available for our hunters looking for a World Class Waterfowl / Upland Combo Hunt for 2016. For the diehard upland hunters, our southern Saskatchewan region offers some of the best Hungarian partridge hunting in North America!

Looking forward to the upcoming 2016 Saskatchewan Waterfowl Season, we are expecting another year of “World Class” duck hunting as the conditions should be the same as last fall and the duck numbers in the area are still way up! With the Snow goose numbers continue to remain on the upswing as well, there is not a down side in the near future for the white buggers either and the Canada goose numbers in the area are always strong. For those hunters looking for a World Class Duck Hunt in Canada, this is the time to book for sure!!! We also offer a limited number of incredible Waterfowl / Upland Combo Hunts. Be sure to contact outfitter Kyle Hauck as soon as possible as rebookings for the 2016 season are coming in fast.  Kyle can be reached anytime at 605-210-3727.

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunts -

For the 2016 Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting season, we are now taking reservations for a few prime remaining dates. Our Saskatchewan waterfowl hunts run from early September, through mid November each fall.  In the region, that we guide our Saskatchewan waterfowl hunts, we usually peak out at around 2 millions snow geese along with large concentrations of Canada geese and Mallards! This ensures our hunters a HIGH QUALITY waterfowl hunting experience on any given day. We also scout new fields daily to make sure our clients have a fresh field full of waterfowl from the previous day.  On a typical morning’s Saskatchewan goose hunt, the flight should last for about 2 ½ hour or more and again there is a strong potential for each hunter to harvest a full limit of geese and ducks daily.  We also offer incredible Saskatchewan duck hunting as well. Whether you desire big flocks of mallards over a harvested grain field or a variety of species of puddle ducks over a prairie pothole setting, our guided duck hunts are first class. With the extensive waterfowl hunting experience, diligent scouting and the use of the highest quality decoys and equipment on the market, we ensure "In Your Face" Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Action! Click here to read more about our World Class Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunts...

Saskatchewan Duck Hunt

Saskatchewan Upland Hunting

Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunts –

At High Prairie Outfitters we also offer World Class Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting. In our region, you can expect to harvest Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse. The limits are 4 partidge and 2 sharptail grouse per day. Our Saskatchewan upland bird hunts run from September 15, through November 15. On a typical day’s upland hunt you can expect to enjoy a Quality Hunt over our well trained pointers and flushers. You are also welcome to bring your own well trained hunting dogs. One of the main benefits with booking a Saskatchewan upland hunt with us, is the extensive amount of private habitat that we have available to us in our region. We conduct ample pre-season scouting each fall to ensure that our hunters encounter numerous coveys of upland birds during their Saskatchewan upland bird hunt. We also have the luxury of making sure that we do not have to hunt the same ground twice in one season, so you can be confident that your group will be hunting fresh ground with relaxed birds throughout the trip. Click here to learn more about our World Class Saskatchewan Upland Hunts…

Saskatchewan Waterfowl / Upland Combo Hunts –

At High Prairie Outfitters we have such an abundance of both waterfowl and upland birds in our area, that we can accommodate any specific type of hunt that you desire. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a true World Class caliber waterfowl / upland bird combo hunt. No matter what your group desires, we can make it happen. If you are wanting a field goose hunt in the morning and an afternoon chasing huns and sharptails that is definitely an option. If you would rather hunt upland birds across the Saskatchewan prairies in the morning and spend the afternoon shooting ducks over water we can provide that hunt as well. Some of our hunters have elected to take the first two days of their guided hunts and shoot snow geese in the morning, ducks in the afternoon and then take the last day or two of their trip and strictly hunt upland birds. That can be arranged. Click here for more details on our World Class Saskatchewan Waterfowl / Upland Combo Hunts...

Saskatchewan Upland Waterfowl Hunts

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLEIt could be described only as a sky full of geese. All across the prairie horizon, birds were flowing in rivulets, brooks, streams and rivers. The geese were flooding in from the north, with sunlight flashing on their wingtips as they set out for the fields. The morning flight had begun. We lay prostrate in our field blinds, mesmerized, paying silent homage to the spectacle. Then 50 snow geese broke off and bored in, their high-pitched yelps growing louder as they circled the decoys in ever-tightening spirals. Several birds hovered looking for an opening, and then dropped straight in and landed. At the precise moment the main group was out front, the call came: "Take 'em, boys!" Please click here to read the rest of the article.
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